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We set our standards for achievement high, continuously challenging students to achieve their full potential at both academic and personal levels. We value creativity and self-expression as essential elements in the intellectual development of every child.

Ours is a secure and nurturing learning environment where children are inspired to explore, inquire and experiment. We guide our students to be enthusiastic participants in their own learning, fueled by the intrinsic, inquisitive nature of childhood.

International School of Morocco pupils are independent learners. They are creative and confident problem-solvers, risk-takers and life-long achievers.

We guide pupils in developing the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their dreams and become the leaders of tomorrow.

This multi-faceted curriculum enables us to address the learning styles of a wide range of learners, while exploring the important and enduring understanding that we communicate and express ourselves in multiple ways.
Visual arts, music, drama and physical education nurture each child’s investigation of topics at an even richer level.

Based on rigorous UK standards, our well-rounded program of studies offers children opportunities to explore themes and ideas through not only the core subject areas of language arts, math, science and social studies, but through integrated subjects as well.

Strong language programs for both language learners and native speakers support English as the primary language of instruction by allowing further opportunities to explore literacy concepts and enhance content knowledge and skills. Indeed, language and communication provide a common thread that unites everything we do, forming the background against which our teachers weave a vibrant tapestry of learning for students.


English language

We celebrate and support a multilingual community. All students are expected to become fluent English speakers, though never at the expense of sacrificing the home languages of our pupil population.

We work in partnership with families to encourage and support mother tongues in order to develop self-confidence and provide all students with a firm linguistic foundation on which to develop skills and build their English fluency.

We offer extensive language support for English language learners at all levels. This includes differentiated instruction by qualified teachers to provide language scaffolding as students build skills in both social and academic English.

The four essential components of language learning- listening, speaking, writing, and reading – are taught and reinforced throughout all subject areas.

Families with mother tongue languages other than French or Arabic have the option to take advantage of school resources and facilities in order to provide additional language instruction either during the school day or as an after school program. 

Mother tongue is defined as a child’s first language and the language used as the primary means of communication in the home. Children who begin school at an early age are still developing language fluency and vocabulary, and must continue to build skills in their mother tongue in order to have a strong foundation on which to lay further linguistic and content knowledge.

Native French and Arabic speakers receive daily language support in literacy skills, including comprehension and understanding of language structure and patterns, as well as specific subject area knowledge.

Mother tongue

Language learners

We provide differentiated language instruction for international pupils who are learning either French or Arabic as an additional language.

Language is taught daily through participation in age –appropriate literature, music, drama and a variety of engaging activities covering topics across the curriculum.

Our language program offers a unique model of support to address the needs of all language learners.

We celebrate and support a multilingual,
multicultural community.

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